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Storytelling prog. metal

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The Narrators

The Dreamer
Luca Pettinaroli


December 6th, 1988 - I began studying music and singing at 17, having through the years various vocal coaches: Alessandra Sancio, Fabio Privitera and lastly Alex Saitta at Scuola Toscanini in Omegna (VB), where I currently still attend lessons, seminars and webinars. After my graduation in languages, literatures and linguistics, in 2014, I decided to publish my book The Versification in Music: Basics of Musical Linguistics, a textbook of linguistics and musicology for lyricists and composers. Besides working very actively at vocal covers, full covers and some originals on my YouTube channel, I also cooperate with the local cover band, 2nd’S Out. Anyway, my main passion is still writing concepts, images and lyrics for Frozen Sand. This is why my bandmates call me The Dreamer.

The Skeptic
Mattia Cerutti

Rhythm And Lead Guitars

May 5th, 1993 - thanks to my father, soon enough I discovered rock music and, at 13, I received my first guitar. I took guitar lessons from Michele Pollini, attending a CPM course for 3 years, and later from Davide Penna. At the turn of 2009, together with Simone and Tiziano, I founded a first project which was evolved and materialized into nowadays Frozen Sand. After several years spent as a self-trained guitarist, I keep being an unrelenting Skeptic about the concrete results of my art, changing my drafts a thousand times before releasing them.

The Enigmatic
Tiziano Vitiello

Bass Guitar

August 24th, 1992 - as a boy, my musical tastes were first molded when my elder brother gave me his precious old Walkman and a few 'trance' Israeli tapes with it. The intriguing educational process I underwent through music was furtherly enriched by the Nu Metal style when, one day, I found a cd-player with a disc of the band System of a Down left on my brother’s desk. In 2010, together with Mattia and Simone, I founded Frozen Sand and then started to take lessons from music coach Steve Farinoli. My bandmates say: “Tizi is the most Enigmatic guy of the band, disappearing for weeks then coming out with some crazy and blasting music ideas.

The Rational
Federico De Benedetti

Rhythm And Lead Guitars

March 26th, 1992 - I was introduced to rock music since my childhood, often finding myself rummaging into my father’s record collection. I began studying keyboard at 11 years old, before switching to electric guitar when at 14. The year after, I started performing live at a few local gigs, toggling several formations and genres. For years, I took guitar lessons by coach Steve Farinoli. Always trying to explore and investigate the logic and Rationality of things in the world around me, over the years I have cultivated a passion for mathematics and sound engineering, studying at the Politecnico di Milano. In 2013, together with Lucia Ceruti, I founded a rock cover band, 2nd's Out. Up to date, I have performed in more than 200 lives.

The Mediator
Simone De Benedetti


October 13th, 1994 - as a child, my music education was shaped by my father, for what mainly concerns the field of Italian and international classic rock. My passion for metal music emerged around 12 years old, just when I took deep inspiration from the rising musical career of my elder brother Federico. This way, at 14, I decided to start performing as a drummer, taking lessons from Fabio Nasuelli (teacher and professional at the Music Art Academy in Borgomanero - NO) and then at 16 I founded Frozen Sand. Up to now, I have trained my live experience in more than 150 gigs, performing with various bands through Time: Last Kiss from Juliet, Offside, Shaze-Aim, 2nd’s Out, and of course Frozen Sand. My sense of humanity, balance and Mediation brought me to study and work as nurse in Novara.

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