Storytelling prog. metal

Federico De Benedetti

Guitarist and composer
Personal email:

Born March 26th, 1992, Federico was introduced to rock music since his childhood, often finding himself rummaging into his father’s collection of records. He began studying keyboard at 11 years old; then he switched to electric guitar when he was 14. The year after, he started performing live at a few local gigs, toggling several formations and genres. Anyway, only in September 2010, Federico definitively entered Frozen Sand.

Always trying to explore and investigate the logic and rationality of things in the world around him, which are always clouded by hypocrisy and social customs, over the years he has cultivated a talent for mathematics and sound engineering, studying at the Politecnico di Milano.

Moreover, the Rational is currently the guitarist of a local rock cover band called 2nd's Out, while he keeps studying electric guitar, taking lessons from Steve Farinoli, a very well-known local professional.