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FROZEN SAND - About Band's Present and Future

Wings of Bea Live spring

FRACTALS: A Shadow out of Lights OUT NOW

Frozen Sand's first full-length



Frozen Sand is a dreamy musical entity begotten by the collision between the art of storytelling and the great auditory power of progressive metal music.

Such an experimental project was shaped in winter 2010 by five young Narrators, all coming from different backgrounds and experiences, but united by friendship, enthusiasm and a deep passion to share: music. Everything began in a small provincial town located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, where the lakes opaquely mirror the shapes of those historical villages of which the slopes are speckled. The zealous dream soon took a shape, gradually concretizing into notes… words… emotions.

Nowadays, after 8 years of musical experience, 3 EPs and more than 60 gigs behind, the first major work of Frozen Sand has just been released. Perfectly balanced and diversified, the artistic streak and the technical skills of five Narrators have finally molded a full-length album, which is part of a complex saga: Fractals of Frozen Lifetimes. It is a sparkle of a dream… an endless journey through the abyss of human imagination… a huge project whose music is spaceless and stories are timeless.

…Now the story is about to begin!