Storytelling prog. metal

Luca Pettinaroli

Songwriter, linguist and singer
Personal email:

It was the night of December 6th 1988 when Luca vocalized his very first note. During his childhood, whether he was playing by himself at home or with his cousins in the courtyard, the young dreamer used to spend most of his Time always trying to shape something inventive and original: maybe a game to play with his friends… little models or statuettes made of gypsum and wood… sometimes just a song. The seasons passed and soon Luca discovered in music and singing something special and unique: a way to release his imagination… a haven to escape from the leveled-up and standardized society… a place where he could dream.

Influenced and fascinated by Pop Punk music of the late '90s, as a teenager he founded his first project The Rising, a band with which he had the chance to perform live at a few local gigs for three years. Meanwhile, curious to learn more about that fascinating and boundless world, he undertook his first guitar and singing studies at Michele Pollini’s Jungle Music School.

After a course of basic lessons and a self-educating period, Luca decided to refine his various singing techniques, taking lessons from Fabio Privitera at the Old Ones Studios in Paruzzaro (NO) first, and then from Alex Saitta at the Millennium Music School in Omegna (VB), where he currently keeps studying.

Notwithstanding the restless passing of the years, Luca never ceased to be a Dreamer, always hunting for something to learn, create or achieve. Deeply fascinated by poetry and verification, the Dreamer attended a three-year course in “Foreign Languages and Literatures” at the University of Milan and, after the bachelor degree, he specialized in linguistics, graduating with a master's thesis entitled The Versification in Music: Basics of Musical Linguistics, a textbook of linguistics and musicology which is now available to the public in printed format.