Storytelling prog. metal


In business for the last 8 years,
with 1 album, 3 EPs and more than 60 gigs behind,
here are some of the best memories of Frozen Sand so far:

24/05/2018 - Live at Legend Club (Milano - MI).

20/01/2018 - Sign of the contract From the Dephts Entertainments.

12/11/2017 - Frozen Sand new website and new Official Video-Lyrics SILENT RAVEN.

03/01/2017 - Frozen Sand on Rock Hard printed magazine, as the best self-produced album of the month.

01/28/2017 - Live at Bros Vahlalla Rising with MirrorMaze (Borgo Ticino - NO).

01/20/2017 - Live at Esta Bì?! Music Pub (Ornavasso - VB) - FRACTALS' Release Party.

01/19/2017 - The story finally begins!! The new album FRACTALS: A SHADOW OUT OF LIGHTS is released.

12/22/2016 - The Official Album Video-Trailer A MELODY THROUGH TIME AND SPACE is out on YouTube.

12/16/2016 - Sign of the contract with Grand Sound Promotion.

08/28/2016 - Live at Drakkarock Metal Festival 2016 (Borgo Ticino - NO)

06/22/2016 - New single SAIL TOWARDS THE UNKNOWN with Official Video Lyrics out on YouTube.

11/01/2015 - Official signing with RONIN AGENCY by Leo Mozzato: the Storytellers join the Ronin crew.

08/02/2015 - Winners of the Agrate Contest (Agrate Conturbia – NO).

07/19/2015 - Live at Rock inn Somma 2015, as open act of Nanowar of Steel (Somma Lombardo – VA).

04/19/2015 - Partecipation at UMA Fest in Turin (Torino – TO).

04/03/2015 - Live at Rock ‘N Roll Arena, as open act of Temperance and Anewrage (Romagnano Sesia – NO).

02/21/2015 - Live at PalaPhenomenon (Cressa – NO), as open act of Riff Raff, ACDC’ Italian official tribute band.

01/28/2015 - Live at Legend Club (Milano – MI).

01/20/2015 - Frozen Sand interviewed by the British metal magazine “Fireworks”.

01/19/2015 - The Storytellers sign a yearly contract with the British agent Nicky Baldrian from TSM agency.

12/10/2014 - First release of Frozen Sand’s official website:

11/14/2014 - Live at Està Bi Music Pub (Ornavasso - VB) and official release of PRELUDE EP.

06/08/2014 - Frozen Sand runners up at Prato Music Contest 2014 (Prato Sesia – NO).

06/07/2014 - Organization and management of San Maurizio Music Contest 2014 (San Maurizio d'Opaglio – NO).

05/23/2014 - Release of the single FRACTURE on YouTube with the Official Videoclip, made by Mario Zanetta.

09/08/2013 - Participation at Arona Metal Beach 2013 (Arona – NO), as open act of Secret Sphere and Evenoire.

09/01/2013 - Organization and management of Gelata Rock Festival 2013 at Laghetto della Gelata (Soriso – NO).

07/16/2013 - Frozen Sand interviewed by “Breakdown”, on Hinterland Radio Milano (Binasco – MI).

04/20/2013 - Live at Coc Drink, as open act of Bejelit (Pisogno di Miasino – NO).

07/05/2012 - Live at San Bernardo Festival 2012 (Borgomanero – NO) and official release of SHELVED AMBITION EP.

04/01/2011 - First live at Mastro Birraio (Carpignano Sesia - VC) and presentation of the demo FROZEN SAND.