Storytelling prog. metal

Simone De Benedetti

Drummer and composer
Personal email:

Simone De Benedetti was born in Borgomanero, October 13th, 1994. As a child, his musical education was shaped by his father, for what mainly concerns the field of Italian and international classic rock. His passion for metal music emerged around 12 years old, just when Simone took deep inspiration from the rising musical career of his elder brother Federico. Hence, at 14 years old, he started performing as a drummer. The bright teenager took lessons from the master Fabio Nasuelli (teacher and professional at the Music Art Academy in Borgomanero - Novara) and soon began practicing with the guitarist Mattia Cerutti, in his dim-lit cellar, besides the sizzling fireplace.

Up to now, Simone has trained his live experience in more than 100 gigs, performing with various bands through Time: Last Kiss from Juliet, Offside, Shaze-Aim, 2nd’s Out, and of course Frozen Sand.

Today, in parallel with his passion for music, he is attending a university course in Nursing Sciences (UPO - in Novara), always in contact with other people, to whom he can convey every day his sense of humanity, balance and mediation.