Storytelling prog. metal

Mattia Cerutti

Guitarist and composer
Personal email:

Mattia Cerutti was born May 5th 1993 in Borgomanero, an historical village of the northern Piedmont, located where the lowland and the rice fields gradually give way to the hilly slopes of the pre-Alps. Thanks to his father, soon enough Mattia discovered rock music and, at 13 years old, he received his first guitar. In parallel with the high-school path, he took guitar lessons from the teacher Michele Pollini, attending a course of the CPM school for a period of three years. At the turn of 2009, together with Simone De Benedetti and Tiziano Vitiello, he founded a first project which was evolved and materialized by the flow of never-ceasing Time into nowadays Frozen Sand.

After several years spent as a self-trained guitarist, Mattia kept being an unrelenting Skeptic about the concrete results of his art, deeply knowing which potential is still restrained within himself. Therefore he has recently taken up again the meticulous study of his instrument, driven by David Penna, the Auditory Artisan and guitarist of the Prog Metal band MirrorMaze.

Apart from the musical career, Mattia is studying "Engineering of Telecommunications" at the Politecnico di Milano, where he has just begun the two master-years of the specializing course.