Storytelling prog. metal

Tiziano Vitiello

Bassist and composer
Personal email:

Tiziano was born during the starlit night of August 24th 1992 in Monza, Brianza. As a boy, his musical tastes were first molded when his elder brother gave him his precious old Walkman and a few 'trance' Israeli tapes with it. Such a simple and battered device meant a lot to young Tiziano, since it let him approach for the first Time to a whole new world, made up by exotic and enigmatic sounds. The intriguing educational process of Tiziano through music was furtherly enriched by the Nu Metal style when, one day, the boy found a cd-player with a disc of the band System of a Down left on his brother’s desk.

At 8 years old, the Enigmatic moved with his family to Borgomanero, where he met Federico De Benedetti and his younger brother, Simone. Anyway, only as a teenager, he finally made the acquaintance of Mattia Cerutti at the high-school, the same period during which he started playing the bass guitar by himself, purely as a hobby.

In those days, Tiziano could never imagine himself as a narrator in a band, nor as an artist. But after a few months, he was contacted by Mattia who asked him to join his friends just to play something and have some fun, acting more as freaks than musicians; Tiziano accepted with no second thoughts. What began as a joke was evolved, after a couple of years, into the early Frozen Sand.

Moreover, in 2009, Tiziano decided to undertake bass guitar lessons with the master Steve Farinoli, who is still his teacher